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RTAC-SERIES® Automated Production Line Wrappers

RTAC-Series Stretch WrapperBoomerang Packaging, Inc. offers ARPAC's rotary tower automatic conveyorized stretch wrapper, the RTAC-Series®. This heavy-duty wrapping system offers superior performance around the clock. This system is ideal for for high-speed conveyorized production lines. The RTAC-Series® indexes, automatically wraps, and discharges loads without operator assistance.


  • Easily integrated into production lines
  • Speeds up to 30 rotations per minute
  • Touch screen Allen-Bradley® HMI for machine parameter settings, manual operations and fault diagnostics messages
  • Conveyor capacity adjusted to product weight
  • Unique rotary arm steel ring support and drive system
  • Standard 6' high safety fencing and access door with interlock switch for safe entry into wrapping area
  • Film clamp, cut and wipe mechanism eliminates film tails from unraveling

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