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Flexible Film Packaging

It's vitally important that your products arrive at their destination in the premium condition that they left your plant. Not only does this reduce inventory losses, but it also protects your reputation as a supplier of quality products. Boomerang's line of flexible film packaging can provide your products with effective protection during shipping, so that they arrive in the same condition as they were shipped. As Houston's premier supplier of packaging equipment and supplies, Boomerang is committed to providing every customer with the most effective flexible shipping packaging for their application, whether you are packaging consumer products for retail or shrink wrapping large equipment to be shipped overseas.

We carry a full line of flexible film packaging and supplies from the top manufacturers in the industry. We can supply you with a complete flexible shipping packaging system to meet your specific packaging requirements and the supplies and accessories for packaging and wrapping applications.

Stretch Film

stretch film

Boomerang carries high-quality stretch film for wrapping shipping pallets and equipment for transport and storage. We carry cast-blown films, for use in manual, semi-automatic and fully automated applications.

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Stretchwrap Systems

stretchwrap systems

We offer a full line of platform, rotary and orbital wrapping equipment and systems from top manufacturers, including ARPAC, GaleWrap® and Sigma. We can provide you with the equipment that meets your specific application, whether it is wrapping small electronic parts or large equipment for shipment.

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Shrink Film

shrink wrap film

We offer a full line of shrink wrap films and equipment, and can provide you with the equipment and supplies for your packaging application. We carry shrink wrapping equipment from ARPAC.

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Packaging Supplies

packaging supplies

Boomerang carries a full line of packaging supplies, including:

  • Foam cushioning
  • Shopping bags
  • Dunnage bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Biodegradable peanuts and films
  • Anti-static peanuts and films
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Boomerang Packaging is committed to providing every customer with the most effective packaging system and supplies for their application. Each customer is served with total commitment and excellent customer service, whether they are an international company, or small, local manufacturer. Our product line represents the top manufacturers in the industry, so that you know you are buying the best from us. And, we stand behind our products. If they don’t perform the way we tell you they will, we'll replace them or refund your money, no questions asked. It's all in our name- we work hard for you, so that you keep coming back- Boomerang!

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