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Humidity Control Packaging

humidity control packagingHumidity causes damage to ferrous metals in the form of rust, and can cause corrosion in non-ferrous metals. Zerust protective products and humidity control packaging provide protection for your metal parts during shipping and storage by controlling the exposure to humidity. Zerust products include Plastabs® and vapor capsules to prevent the build-up of humidity and moisture as well as film coverings, bags and coatings to protect the metal.


Zerust® humidity control products include:

  • Film: Film is available in a wide range of sheeting, tubing and centerfold sheeting.
  • Bags: Bags can enclose a part or line a box in seconds.
  • Stretch Film: Stretch Film offers a secure method of enclosing products while providing corrosion protection.
  • Skin Film: Skin Film can secure parts to sheets of Zerust®treated cardboard.
  • Shrink Film: Shrink Film provides corrosion protection and increases pack integrity.
  • Paper: VCI Paper and Poly Paper are high-performance corrosion inhibitors.
  • Cushioning Film: Cushioning Film provides corrosion protection as well as physical protection.
  • Foam Sheeting: Foam Sheeting offers corrosion protection as well as physical protection.

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