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Boomerang Packaging, a leading supplier of packaging products, provides packaging supplies and equipment to a wide range of industries.  Based in Houston, we are ideally situated to supply not only local companies, but US-based and international companies.  Our customers are diverse, from small businesses that need packing supplies for a mailroom, to international shippers who need strapping, packaging and monitors, to large multi-nationals who need integrated packaging and marking systems to package their products.

We carry products from the leading manufacturers in the industry, and offer only the highest quality products available.  Boomerang is committed to providing each customer with the best solution to their packaging requirements, and our staff is dedicated to responding quickly and efficiently to you.  Our excellent customer service staff will work closely with you from your initial request, through your purchase, and after the purchase to make sure you are satisfied with the packaging products you bought. 

Our full product line includes strapping, film, flexible packaging, boxes, monitors, corrosion inhibitors, strapping tools, wrapping machinery and packaging machinery.  We also offer packaging and shipping supplies.

Boomerang Packaging serves all industries, including:

  • Shipping and transportation – Boomerang carries a full line of packaging supplies, equipment and tools to ensure safe, secure shipment of products, whether it’s onboard a ship, on a train or in a truck or airplane.  We also offer shock, tilt and humidity monitors to measure conditions during shipment.
  • Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing – Equipment and machinery, especially oversized equipment, requires special handling for shipping.  Boomerang’s product line includes films, cartons, strapping and wrapping equipment to protect and secure the machinery during shipping from the factory to the customer.  Our full line of packaging equipment can accommodate machinery of all sizes, and our line of films, covers and strapping can protect and secure equipment of all sizes during shipping and storage.
  • Parts and Finished Goods Manufacturing – Boomerang offers a full line of packaging, wrapping, and marking equipment to package your products for shipping so that they arrive at their destination in premium condition.  We have specialty machinery that can accommodate special size packaging, as well as high volume equipment for production lines. We also offer packaging supplies, films, strapping and monitors to protect and secure the packages during transportation. 
  • Warehouses – Whether your warehouse is used to ship industrial inventory or consumer goods for online stores, Boomerang can provide you with cartons, shipping supplies and wrapping equipment to prepare packages for shipping.

Boomerang Packaging is committed to providing every customer with the most effective packaging protection for their products. It’s all in our name- we work hard for you, so that you keep coming back- Boomerang!

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