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Polyester Straps

Polyester strapping has many of the strength characteristics of steel strapping, along with excellent retained tension properties. These properties make it a good strapping material for loads that require heavy duty tension around the load as it settles and shrinks in size. In addition, polyester strapping can be heat-sealed, eliminating the need for a metal seal on the strapping. It does not rust or stain, reducing potential damage to the material it is binding. And, this strapping is a green product, as it is fully recyclable. Boomerang carries the full line of Signode’s high performance strapping.

Tenax® strapping—polyester

Tenax polyester strappingTenax polyester strapping can be tensioned to a higher percentage of its break strength than any other strapping material. It provides superior retained tension under hot, humid conditions and is more resistant to such environments than other plastic strapping. It also provides greater load stability during storage and shipping. Tenax strap is strong, yet resilient enough to perform smoothly and reliably in power strapping machines and hand tools. And it’s more tear and snag resistant than other plastic strapping.


Tenax strapping


Dymax® strapping—nylon

Dymax nylon strappingDymax strapping is oriented during manufacturing, making it six times stronger than ordinary nylon. Ideal for use in cold room applications, such as food processing, it resists tension decay and provides better reinforcement over long storage periods. Dymax strapping stays tight. It conforms to changes in load size and shape without sacrificing its reinforcement capabilities. A smooth, lubricated finish helps ensure reliable feeding through feedwheel-type strapping equipment.


Dymax strapping

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