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Strapping Tool Repair

Boomerang Packaging offers repair services for your strapping and packaging tools.  We are committed to repairing your tools quickly, helping to keep your operations running smoothly and minimizing production slowdowns and missed shipping deadlines.  Our customer service extends beyond the sale, and we are committed to keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency.

Our repair and service technicians are all factory trained and knowledgeable about the strapping and packaging tools Boomerang services.  You can be sure that any repairs will be done right the first time. 

Other features of our tool repair services include:

  • Expertise in repairing packaging equipment.  Our technicians are expert repair technicians and are factory-trained to service and repair the packaging and strapping tools we sell.  They can repair all the components of the tool, including motors and electronic circuit boards.  If needed, we will replace the part.
  • Authorized warranty repair service.  Boomerang is an authorized warranty repair center for most of the major packaging and strapping equipment brands, including Signode and ARPAC®. Any warranty repairs to your equipment are done at no cost to you.
  • Fully staffed repair center.  Boomerang’s repair center is fully staffed, from customer service to technicians.  We will respond quickly to your call. 
  • On-site or remote repair services.  We can service your equipment at our shop, or on-site at your location.
  • Loaners are available.  If a parts delay or other issue prevents us from repairing your tool in a reasonable time, in most cases we’ll can provide you with a loaner, free of charge.
  • Maintenance services.  Boomerang offers maintenance services to keep your machines running at peak efficiency, and minimize the need for repairs.

Our goal is to get your tools and equipment repaired and back in production as soon as possible, minimizing downtime.

We know that you have selected the best brands for your strapping and packaging tools,  and will partner with you to ensure that it continues to run efficiently and with minimal downtime.  And, we stand behind our products.  It’s all in our name – we work hard for you, so that you keep coming back – Boomerang!

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